Actions Pack

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Custom User Login Form using Elementor

customise your Sign-in Form right within the Elementor page builder. Protect your Login Form from Hackers and spammers.

01 Match Login Form with your Theme Style

Design your WordPress Login Form the way you want right within the Elementor Page Builder.

02 Login Using Password/OTP

Actions Pack has variety of options in case of Username or Password that gives your site a look and feel of modern technologies.

03 Remember Me Checkbox

How can you leave such an important option in a modern Login Form? No one likes to enter their ID and Password again and again!!!

04 Custom Redirection

If you you want your users to redirect to a custom page or refresh the same page where they landed on after they login to your Elementor site, then Actions Pack has a dedicated option for that which also works for dynamic urls.

05 Replace Default WordPress Login Page

Easily hide the default WordPress Login page and redirect users to your newly designed custom login page built on top of Elementor page builder.

06 Double Security Protection

The Login Form that you design using Action Pack provides you a strong protection from security point of view.

07 Compatible with Social Login Plugins

This verification mechanism forces users to verify their Email or Phone number by clicking on the unique link sent to their email or entering the one time passcode (OTP) sent their phone before login to your site. This is the very standard procedure in any User Registration system to prevent fake registration.

08 Password Recovery Link

Actions Pack provides you the flexibility to create any number of user fields right within your Elementor page builder.

Take Your Login Form to the Next Level

Actions Pack’s User Login Action for Elementor Form gives you several features that makes it responsive, unique and fit into all kind of websites.

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