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We are known for our excellent support, and our developers are more than happy to help you! But they are also humans, and they love their beauty sleep. We have already spent a lot of time preparing our documentation and FAQs for you. Please have a look at those resources before raising an issue ticket. Moreover, we have four ways to raise tickets.

1. Within your WordPress Site (Recommended)

If you are already an existing client of Actions Pack, you can raise a ticket from within your WordPress Dashboard, Simply go to your plugins page in your WordPress site. Under the Actions Pack plugin, you will find a link to our “Support” section.

actions pack support


2.  Using Actions Pack’s Dashboard

You can also login to Actions Pack dashboard by clicking on the User Icon that is on top right corner of our website. And then click on the support link. Alternatively, you can also login to our Dashboard here. 


3. Using Github

If you see a bug or requesting a new feature, the best way is to create an issue in our Github Issue Queue by clicking on the “new issue” button. You will  get a chance to provide your continuous feedbacks and keep an eye on the progress of the issue. This also helps us working as per our client’s requirements and demand.

actions pack github support

4. Nothing Works? Contact us Here.

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