Actions Pack

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Build Advanced User Registration Forms in Minutes

customize your Signup Form right within the Elementor. Create Unlimited User Fields, Verify User's Email & Phone, Integrate with Mailchimp, Fight with Spam and many more

01 Highly Customisable User Registration Form

Personalize your user registration form upto your client’s satisfaction.

02 Create Role Based User Registration Forms

Unlike Wordpres’s default registration form, now you can create unlimited registration forms for each of your campaigns setting up different user role per campaign.

03 Username Autogeneration

Everyone hates typing and filling up a lengthy Signup form. After all it is 2020, automation is the era. Actions Pack generates usernames automatically behind the hood.

04 Password Autogeneration

With the help of this feature, a password is generated automatically when someone submits a user registration form and sent back to the user over an Email or SMS.

05 Confirm Password

A Repeat Password field on a registration form is created to to let your users check if they typed correctly the password in the Default – Password field.

06 Send Welcome Message post Successful Registration

You can send a beautiful onboarding message that will be sent to the user after successful registration.

07 Verify user's Email or Phone

This verification mechanism forces users to verify their Email or Phone number by clicking on the unique link sent to their email or entering the one time passcode (OTP) sent their phone before login to your site. This is the very standard procedure in any User Registration system to prevent fake registration.

08 Create Unlimited User Fields

Actions Pack provides you the flexibility to create any number of user fields right within your Elementor page builder.

09 Manual User Verification

Moderate your Signups and choose to approve or reject user’s registration manually. Users won’t be able to login until you verify them manually

10 Auto Login

Auto-login feature of Action Pack removes a major repetitive step while onboarding users. As soon as the users fill the registration form they are logged in automatically and can access the restricted content on your site.

11 Thank you Page

Greet your users with the next step you want them to take action on. Maybe you want them to wait for few days untill you launch your product or redirect them to your Login page. No other plugins than the Action Pack can be fit in your situations

12 Third Party APIs Integration

Actions Pack is compatible with all most all the membership plugins or the marketing add-ons out there in WordPress eco system. Want your users to be synchronised with MailChimp or want your registration form fields to be mapped with Ultimate Member’s user profile, the only and one solution in the Elementor’s market is Actions Pack. No need of any extra add-on to bridge the gap.

13 GDPR Compliant Form

Exclusively display the T&C checkbox on your form and let your users opt into it with their full consent before registering in your site. 

14 Spam Protection

Actions Pack have features to fight with spam and prevent fake registration. WordPress Registration forms are often attacked by spammers. They use automated bots to fill the form with fake information and spammy links that makes your users table looks messy and difficult to maintain.

Take Your Registration Form to the Next Level

Actions Pack’s User Registration Action for Elementor Form gives you several features that makes it responsive, unique and fit into all kind of websites.

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