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How to show or hide some contents in Elementor?

We understand your situation that after creating your login form in Elementor you redirect the users to a restricted page e.g dashboard page or you want to show your users some restricted content that is normally hidden for guest users.

This is one of the most common questions we have been asked many a times. Few similar questions are

  • How to create a Login/Logout button in Elementor where the Login button should be visible to guest users and Logout button should be visible to already logged in users?”
  • How to create a Download button only for my site members?
  • How to restrict content in Elementor Page?

All these questions have only one simple answer. To show or hide content to logged-in users you can use a free plugin “Visibility Logic for Elementor”

Another plugin in same category is Dynamic Visibility for Elementor which also works to show or hide Columns and Sections

If you want to completely take control over a page or post you can consider Content Control Plugin.

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