How to show or hide some contents in Elementor?

We understand your situation that after creating your login form in Elementor you redirect the users to a restricted page e.g dashboard page or you want to show your users some restricted content that is normally hidden for guest users. This is one of the most common questions we have been asked many a times. […]

How to create Logout Button on Elementor?

If you want to create a custom logout button anywhere on your Elementor page or popup then Actions Pack has the solutions for you. We understand you are neither happy with the default Login widget of Elementor Pro or it’s Logout message. You want to customise everything; starting from your Signin form to Signout button. […]

Create a Login Page or Popup using Elementor

We all are agree that the default WordPress Login form is a little lacking in style and branding. Well they have plenty of branding but just have to be WordPress branding but that’s not what most of us actually want to see. In today’s tutorial we’ll be taking Actions Pack’s Login features that opens up […]